Sunday, 16 July 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapters 10 & 11.

So I had another run at a lazy day with the weekend. My days just consisted of resting since it was difficult for me to fully recharge with all the sightseeing and among other things, since I got here. During my free time, I caught with some personal stuff, such as watching movies and writing. For dinner, on Saturday I went to G for Gelato. An Italian pizzeria joint known for making the best gelatos in the city. It is the kind of place where families, friends and couples usually go. That night, I was probably the only single guy in there. I was with no family, no friends or a girlfriend. Nonetheless I enjoyed myself when I tasted their fine gelatos. I had Kiwi-flavoured. It… was… awesome. If you’re ever feeling warm and have the need to cool down, I highly recommend going to this place and have a gelato.

For Sunday, I was in the mood for Indian food and decided to stop by at Bindia. An Indian restaurant just next to St. Lawrence Market. The restaurant itself and my Chicken Curry were not really special but it was adequate. The portions however were kind of small, so I had to order an extra bowl of rice to fulfil my appetite.

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