Friday, 14 July 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 6.

I had an idiotically late idea for getting around to places without walking for hours and hours on end. I just don’t have the energy anymore and I need to finish off my sightseeing before the two weeks are up. If I continue to walk around the city, I’ll just die. And believe me that not something I want to happen. Considering I left my free healthcare behind back home. Which leaves me pretty much vulnerable. There is a way, other than Uber and walking, that I could get around. So I’ll just use public transport. Thus I had to buy a weekly or monthly pass. Fortunately, I knew where to get either one. But, of course, I had to walk there. I took one step at a time with the things I had to do today. I started with the public transport issue. Luckily I managed to get a weekly pass, but not a monthly pass. For those who are curious, a weekly or monthly pass allows you to travel anywhere within the city limits and as much as you want. But of course, since I bought the card on a Friday, I can’t start using until the upcoming Monday. So for the time being, I had to continue walking around. Still, better than nothing, I guess.

Anyways, I then headed back home to do my laundry with my host, as she needed to do hers. But the laundry process in the building itself was a little confusing. As it required a card system instead of the usual quarter change system or being free. Jeez, even doing laundry in a foreign country is no easy task. However, once my host explained the system, I got the hang of it and just ultimately decided that it was best that we do our laundry together on the same day. Basically, I had to do was wash my clothes and sheets.

Well, that’s enough of my laundry story; I had a rest for a little. Then my host’s friend arrived since she had to open the store she was working at and she always slept over at my host’s place. After we’ve all had a long day with stuff done, we pondered about where we could go for dinner. After long deliberation, we decided to go to Copetin, a restaurant that none of us have ever been to. It was a decent joint with a decent decor. But the food itself was not so impressive. I ordered a Chicken Parm Sandwich with chips. The sandwich was not the problem. It was the chips. The chips were not even the chips you’d expect, you know French fries. They were chips that looked like chips that you would find in packets at your local corner stores. But supposedly they were “sliced” and organically “fried” by their chefs. In the end, it was not the best dinner and I would not really recommend it to anyone, unless you are into that kind of stuff.

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