Wednesday, 31 January 2018

'Once Upon a Time in Canada' Chapter 34.

Tonight with my photography meetup was rather typical and standard. Yeah, I know. The meetup has a lot of people I have in common with and I’m doing what I love as a fun activity. And I’m being a bit too indifferent about tonight, considering how much time I’ve spent with them thus far.

I was just slowly getting sick of taking shots of mundane locations in Toronto, especially subways (in this case would be the newly opened stations). York University to Vaughn Metropolitan Centre were the focus for tonight’s meetup. It’s basically four newly opened subway stations to expand the Yonge-University Line 1. The group, especially Adam, Kurt and Paul, wanted to take advantage of photogenic opportunity for these stations.

If I were to be the organizer, even for this meetup, I would have chosen something a little bit more out of the ordinary, even if it is perhaps a little bit further outside the Greater Toronto Area. But I’m not so I really don’t have a lot of say in the matter. Nonetheless, sorry, but I’m not completely happy about the choice of subject.

I was somewhat indifferent. I followed my friend Cody and Michael and the people surrounding them around and took whatever shots that captured my fancy. I had ideas of what kind of shots I wanted and what I could take, so everything was anything but a challenge (physically or creatively).

And just as I’d suspected, there wasn’t enough time to do all the stations in one night. The clock was ticking past 10pm, and it was a weeknight (so not everybody could stay up late and have dinner and drinks somewhere). I knew this would be the case, making it the least eventful photography meetup so far. Highway 407 was the last station for the night.

We took our last shots and made our way down together. It was completely dark and late by that point. I hope we don’t do something like that again, but again, that’s not up to me.