Monday, 24 July 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 10.

I’ve known since Day 1 that the time for sightseeing was going to end. But I figured it would be so when I finally found a place and a job. I didn’t think it would end this early. Despite the fact that I had only explored the city centre. However, I am fired about the last place on my list: TIFF Lightbox. My mission for the day was to explore and spend as much time as I could for the time I was allowed before I had to head off to go and see Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and Dunkirk at the Cineplex Cinemas. Even with a brief idea of my final destination, I had no idea how much would come to fall in love with it. When I finally set foot in the awesome place, it was as though I finally found gold in the city of maple syrup and the Blue Jays. Setting my eyes on everything the sanctuary offered, it was like Neverland. I never ever wanted to leave. So I spent most of my day there, which was four to five hours. Exploring everything from the exhibition, that was on display, to the many, many books, that captured my attention, in the gift shop. The two books that captured my attention, and took the most time reading, were The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant and The Making of Dunkirk. I really wished I could buy these two books. In addition, I really wanted to buy a Bong Joon-Ho t-shirt. But alas, I couldn’t. For the reason being that I didn’t have any money to buy memorabilia. 

When my sweet time was up, it was time to head off to the cinemas. To see two of my many highly anticipated films of the year. I saw Dunkirk in the VIP section of the cinema. Where it had the biggest screen, the best sound system and good food service. It wasn’t cheap, of course. But for a Christopher Nolan movie that has become my favourite Nolan film since Memento, it was worth every cent. Valerian was just on a normal sized screen, which was still huge to my eyes. After the films, I went to have dinner at the Jazz Bistro. An establishment that had live Jazz performances playing while you enjoyed your meal. Basically, dinner and a show. The best kind of dinner when you’re eating out.

Summerlicious ends today. God damn it. I’m really going to miss going to fancy restaurants and eating full-on three-course meals for reasonable prices. But you know what they say: all good things must come to an end. So to enjoy my last Summerlicious meal, I went to one of the best Asian restaurants in town: Momofuku Noodle Bar on University Avenue. It was an unsurprisingly fancy restaurant that made surprisingly delicious ramen. Which was what I had for my main. For the appetizer and dessert, I had pork belly pun and a Japanese snow cone. It was probably the best Summerlious dinner I had had out of all of them.

The next day was pretty standard. Pretty much renewed for another two weeks to stay at the bnb. Pretty much, in the immortal words of Red from The Shawshank Redemption“Same old shit, different day.” My favourite catchphrase that I used in my high school days. A catchphrase that I still sometimes use. When I describe a day that was either boring or shit. It’s funny, one day I was happily eating my dinner at a five-star Asian restaurant; the next I was paying an extra $950 for another two weeks at a bnb that I was starting to “get used to”. My first thought was: “Damn it.” Then I thought, “What I am doing” and I became depressed to the point that I started to get a headache. I groped my head with my right hand, calming it down and desperately hoped it would calm down and go away. But this feeling in my mind revealed a true problem I had to solve. My future depended on me finding a place of my own and a job soon. So that I could get out of my bnb, and be a little happier than I am now.

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