Wednesday, 25 April 2018

'Once Upon a Time in Canada' Chapter 38.

Holy shit! The hunger is really coming for me! I don’t even know what to say. I’m pretty dumbfounded. And I’ve had a shitload of stuff to deal with the past week. Work can’t be any less energy consuming. If I’m not at work when it is my day off, all I do is catch up on rest, household chores, and blogging. I have to make sure that my blog is up-to-date as much as possible. Even if I’m tired. And when I don’t do so, you know I’m in trouble. Well, food, here I come! Well… not right away. I still have some things to do.

My trip to the supermarket was the first on the agenda, and was a quick chore compared to the other chores that were coming up. I managed to get whatever I needed to do out of the way in a short timeframe. Today, however, dinner wasn’t served at home. I was convinced to have dinner out with my Michael. If anytime he calls, almost all the time he wants me to come out of the apartment and hang out with him for the night. Call it The Ridiculous Adventures of Michael and Simon. But there's more to it than a reasonably priced meal at a restaurant that Michael suggests. Michael would often get me involved in one of his many crazy shenanigans. Between the times I left the apartment and the time we left off to another one of his shenanigans, we had dinner at Messini Authentic Gyros Restaurant on Danforth Avenue in Greek Town.

So we needed some big grub to survive for the night. Yup. It sure was. It did the trick, but it was a little bit pricier than our usual meals. But why spend less for less when you’re starving? An empty stomach needs fuel, especially after the past of week of working tirelessly with a job like mine for a place like CN Tower. Fortunately, the meal filled us up for the night, like I said. The items we chose were the combination meals, the Pork Gyros Pita for us to be specific. That gave us plenty of meat, vegetables, and pita. Doesn’t seem like much, but it wasn’t. In that time, we talked whilst we enjoyed our meals. All we ever talked about were typical conversational stuff that any men, as well as what we usually, would talk about. All the conversations we had would go on for hours, few hours minimum. Not just when we’re eating of course.

As stated, we were done with our meals and went out in search of something to do for the night, for the night was still young. Continuing the banter we were having is a given. We then had to catch the subway in order to reach our destination: Tilt Arcade Bar. We caught the Line 2 subway and the 511 bus. There was plenty of time for us to get there and have turns at the various games there for hours. However, Tilt was too full, so we had to change plans and find something new to do. Ever the improviser, Michael always knows what to do / where to go in case things don’t according to plan. Even though sometimes he can be indecisive. I even at times had to come up with ideas as to what would we do or where we could go.

Anyways, the new plan was to go to the SLC building at Ryerson. It’s the only place we could go to relax and talk about whatever we wanted. Plus, we could have nice seats to down on, and lots of space. Also, unlike other places, we could have a lot of peace and quiet. It wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. I didn’t know why I was feeling so sleepy. Maybe I had too much to eat or work is just affecting me. Thus we split and went our separate ways towards home.

Also, see Chapters 37 and 39.