Friday, 7 July 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 2.

Okay, I’ve had a good night’s and day’s rest after my 20 hour-or-so flight and things don’t seem as different as it was before. Today I unpacked my stuff and settled in and did a short basic walk around the neighbourhood. Here’s my situation: The location I’m situated in is in relative close proximity to some of Toronto landmarks, such as the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market, and I have about two weeks to find a job and an apartment. I’m three days in and so far I’m praying that all hell doesn’t break loose, so that I’ll be able to find a job and an apartment smoothly for the next two weeks. So I’ve got a fair bit of time. I’m still pretty tired after the LONG flight. Each flight was more exhausting than the last one: flights where unbearable between decent and ascent, however less excruciating than my flight to Paris, France. But that’s a whole other story. My flights were interesting, to say the least, and the flight crews were hospitable. My last flight survived a near severe storm without any major problems. Looking from the inside, things weren’t that rosy. I couldn’t believe it. It probably wasn’t a good time during the night.

The plane landed fine, but it would have been otherwise if it hadn’t avoided the storm. Everything and everyone on board was intact. As always, flying in the middle, or in close proximity, of a storm is to slow down and tread with caution or to avoid it altogether. Obviously planes aren’t meant to stand against those kinds of punishments. I was lucky that made it to the ground without a scratch. Once I landed, I got communication back and was able to let my family and my Airbnb host know that I have finally landed, in an airport that was a considerable length away from my bnb. My bags took a little while to show up in the baggage area. But once I got my luggage and call a Taxi, I was able to make my way over there. Whatever the ends up being the price and length of the ride, I would be very happy to have finally reached a place where I could rest. The cityscape outside was an otherworldly experience. I was gobsmacked by the view. Toronto is a city that is just as breathtaking as some of the other major cities I’ve seen on my travels. If there’s only one nit-pick that I had it was that I wish it was during the day and not nearly 1am in the morning. The ride was fine, if you consider getting there fast as possible. It would have been bad news if the driver didn’t speed there and charged a fuck-ton money. Yay. Anyway, there were no problems getting to the bnb. So yeah. With arriving at the bnb taken care of, now I could focus on hunting for jobs and apartments for the next two weeks. This should be enough time for me to find both (or at least the former). Being in an area close to the St Lawrence Market and the Distillery, I was in close proximity to the Downtown Area, so I wouldn’t have any problems trying to get to Downtown (though I’ll need to learn and take advantage of the public transportation system if I am to avoid long, exhausting walks). I’ve been thinking about how to survive. It’s completely normal. But my brother will be here in about a year (assuming he doesn’t go to Europe and his new workplace will give him a transfer to the Toronto branch). So that’s my situation now. Find a way to survive and settle in Toronto. Of course, if I don’t, I’ll be fucked. For now, I’m here and I’m safe.

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