Tuesday, 8 August 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 13.

Finding an apartment was a lot easier than I had thought lately. They are commodities that are always on sale. Well, okay. It’s my opinion. I pretty much search REALLY hard in my search for an apartment. But not just an apartment, the right apartment. I’ve spent a considerable amount of my time online and through a real-estate agent (an associate of the Mins who got them their apartments). Where I searched on websites such as Kijiji and scrolled listings upon listings of potential apartments. You might be wondering out of all the apartments I scrolled through, which one caught my attention. Well, there were quite a few apartments that looked good. For your information, everything I was looking for in an apartment were the following qualities; $1500 per month rent (that included utilities), a modern apartment in a nice area, and, if I ever got lucky, good, nice and/or decent roommates. Each attribute was essential in my search for the right apartment. I’ll admit, these were quite a bit to ask for considering my current situation. But something about my past experience in living an apartment (I’m talking about my Disney internship) that absolutely convinced me that these qualities were important. Anyway, removing or taking away any one, if not all, of the qualities listed would decrease my chances of finding and acquiring the right apartment. I considered the possibility that I might have to settle for an apartment that did not have the qualities I wanted. It’s a possibility I had feared throughout my search. With some time on my hands, I made all-consuming efforts. The search was daunting and exhaustive for hours and hours. The hours were killers. They were killing me in the inside and crushing my soul. I sat at my desk, staring endlessly into my laptop screen. Hey, how else am I supposed to go about it? I know it’s not good for my eyes but it was the only way. At least I took breaks in between. I came back from my bathroom break, had a drink, and got back into my search. It had been over five hours, and it was time that I gave it a break and had my well-deserved dinner. The search became harder and harder than I had anticipated. Finding an apartment that was $1500 per month, a good building in a good area, and with a roommate was challenging for all of my daily searches. All I wanted in an apartment was these specifications. I pretty much went through dozens upon dozens of apartments, carefully looking at them and making sure they were what I was looking for. Then I’d eliminate the ones that did not make the cut. If only there were more apartments like the ones I had imagined, I’ll be able to stop this exhaustive search and I would’ve finally stop worrying about finding a good home. After that entire search, I stopped and called it a day. I’d wrap it up and finally spend the rest of the night for some downtime until I’d hit the sack.

The time had come for me to stop searching for an apartment! Kijiji had finally delivered in presenting an apartment that would be a suitable home for me for a year. The apartment: a nice apartment in a nice three-year-old building in Fort York Boulevard (a nice area close to the Harbour Front), with a rent price of $1300 per month (utilities included), and, fortunately, I would be living with a roommate. I know for a fact that it doesn’t take an idiot to realize that this was the one I was searching endlessly for. Plus, it wasn’t too far from Koreatown, it was next door from the public library and a great supermarket, and it was in walking distance to the Entertainment District (this includes TIFF Lightbox). Today was finally the day that I’d found a place I could actually live, unlike my bnb. I was ready to make that phone call to see the apartment in person. I’m pretty sure, if not confident, that the apartment is the one. And I’ll be meeting with the landlord sometime next week and have a look at the place. And I’m really excited.

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