Monday, 21 August 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 15.

I’m no longer in that bnb. I’ve finally gotten my own place after an extensive search. But I’ve never imagined that I would score an apartment like this. You wouldn’t think that a guy like me, in my current predicament, would finally get to stage like this in my new life in this timeframe. But it happened. As I got into the Uber car and made my way to the apartment, it hit me: Toronto is a cheap place to live, then again what city or country is, and somehow I’ve got a place in a city like this. I already that when I landed in Toronto. But there’s a difference between knowing it and experiencing it.  In my mind this thought was occupying it but it was a good thought as opposed to my unemployment thought. The city is not exactly known for the past decade, or many decades, of being a cheap city to live but it’s definitely cheaper to live in than Auckland. So it’s not that expensive. It’s not as expensive as Vancouver. The apartment is now my home, and seeing it as I got out of the car made me both a tiny bit nervous and really excited than I would have liked to have admitted. I tried to calm the uncertainty and the excitement by just concentrating on what was in front of me. It wasn’t too hard. I just had to focus on dragging my luggage into the lobby and get myself up to my apartment floor. I really wanted to make sure that I did these things, and it worked out fine. It was a bit of a big job getting lug two large pieces of luggage. I could feel both the frustration and enthusiasm that it gave off. That’s a normal feeling to have, right? In the fifteen minutes that it took to get to the apartment, and the almost ten minutes to get my luggage upstairs, even with some help, the anxious and exciting feeling couldn’t exactly be restrained. The feelings definitely were unleashed when I opened the door. I spent the rest of the day unpacking and exploring the building. After I finished both these tasks, I rested up and went to sleep early. Almost right away, the feeling cooled down again, and finally a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Tomorrow, a new phase of my new life begins (which is just like when I came here, just now with my own home).

Today, I write to you all from my new apartment. I’ve accomplished the first phase of my goal and things are starting to look up. I now set out to fulfil my second phase of my goal, by trying to connect with people. The first step is to find a way to connect with people. After that do what needs to done, obviously. When all was said and done, I’ll have more confidence and an easier time to connect with people. That’ll be very good. Mind you, the process will be a bit difficult at first, as I am not Canadian. I have no idea on how Canadians behave and their customs in socializing. The second phase will be easier than finding an apartment and a job, but, like the other two aspects, it can’t be guaranteed that I will make friends with the right people, or people in general before I can make any effort. Remember, I need to find the right avenues. Now I’m just finding the right avenues to connect. It’s not easy, so I need to make some effort. I’m not exactly enjoying this. I have very little experience and techniques of making friends. As my friends mostly came from school and my previous jobs. So we became friends because we were sort of forced to due to my circumstances. But not reluctantly though. That’s weird, I know. But is it really? Well, my readers and friends, wish me luck, as always.

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