Wednesday, 23 August 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 16.

As I had hoped, I’ve finally got a job interview, for Apple, and finally found a way to connect with people. The time came to get prepared for an important interview. And God I hope it’ll finally get me a job. Looks like I’ve got to do some research and get my best, and only, suit ready for the big day. This isn’t so much of a problem; I’ve had some knowledge of Apple and had some experience doing job interviews. I just need to get ready. When I do get to my interview, I’ll need to just go over my notes and make sure I don’t pee my pants and get my hopes up too high. But so long as I don’t do any of those two things and stay cool, I’ll be fine. So help me God. Connecting with people wasn’t much of a problem. I found a great way to meet new people through the conveniently titled website MeetUp. All I had to do which group I wanted to be a part of, go to the scheduled meet up and the rest is straightforward. Standard. Job interview, as I said, a little trickier. Well, job interviews are not designed to be easy. Especially if its for a company such as Apple. So it wasn’t easy. According to Adam Lashinsky, Apple is known for having business practices that are different to other companies of similar stature and reputation. One of those being that Apple is highly secretive and thus interviews for potential employers are especially difficult since Apple’s interview process hardly revealed. So no matter how prepared you are and how much you think you’ve got it in the bag, think again. So today, I faced one of my most important interviews to date. Long story short: With these thoughts and concerns running and racing around my head, I’ve had a difficult time prior and during the interview. That’s a doosey! Especially when the interview was all way in the Fairview Mall in North York. That may seem really bad, but I am going to remain positive. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, then “Move on. Next” to paraphrase Robert DeNiro’s NYU Commencement speech.

While I was job hunting and went off to my interview for Apple, I had made progress in finding the right MeetUp group to first attend. I was excited when I joined the first group. Then I searched for more potential groups I could join, so I was in the right place. It was easy to find a group that peaks your interests and opened up the possibilities of meeting like-minded people. That’ll help me meet people and improve my social skills, as well as keep me occupied and help me take my mind off the consuming aspect of job hunting that needs to exit my head. So that’s everything so far. Once I attend this and other groups, I should be fine making new friends from there. Already another a big step forward has been made. And I can look forward to tomorrow.

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