Thursday, 10 August 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 14.

Phase one of my mission complete! More accurately, I’ve finally found an apartment. I guess you could call it a “success”, but I prefer “I’m awesome.” Things are starting to work out. I had a nice delicious meal and a good break to reward myself, then I stopped job and apartment hunting as continuing any or both these tasks were not necessary for the time being. I definitely was happy to have finally found a place. After a few hours of excited hours of celebrating and excitement, I was finally able to get some decent and relived sleep after a long while ever since moving here. A nice, well-deserved sleep, which finally took some stress away and gave me some good thoughts inhabiting my dream world. Nothing like a good sleep finally put me at ease. So I loosened up a bit. I slept like someone who finally won something. Something that wasn’t too huge or important, but something. After a good nights rest, and I mean a good nights rest, the stress of finally finding a home other than the bnb I was staying in for a while went away. When you have lived in the bnb that I was in for as long as I’ve stayed for, you’ll understand what I’m happy about and why. As I said, I felt great for the first time in a while. My own mind and body could finally be at some ease, and some stress and pressure could be driven out. The stress and pressure had been killing me for some time. But now there can be some resolution even though I still had to find a job, but that will eventually be relieved. Within the timeframe before I finally would move in, I talked and negotiated with the landlord. The conversations and negotiations were important. There was no way that I was going let anything screw up my chance with the apartment. After numerous conversations and meet-ups, I could feel more and more at ease and more excited. Once I would get home, I would get happy a bit more. All the things I had hoped for in regards to the apartment were coming together. Damn it, I couldn’t be happier. I’m in a happy mood. The bnb had motivated me to find a place of my own faster than I had anticipated for the past weeks.

Well, I’ll de damned. It’s finally the day to move out. The landlord has accepted me as a tenant and we sorted out the paperwork, so I’m out. Henceforth, I’m finally out of the bib. Yay! I will be moving out on 21st August. Priorities: pack up all of my stuff and move in problem-free as possible and purchase whatever I need to make myself at home. I won’t be roughing it as much as I did at the bib. I’ll actually start to live a little bit more. I’ll finally have a place of my own. Tonight, I finally could have a nice shower so that I could begin my new life in my apartment clean. I finally get to cook and eat that I want and in a kitchen that wasn’t filthy and infested with bugs. Most of all, I finally get to have roommates I get to talk to on a daily basis who doesn’t get sick every three days because of astrological reasons like my bnb host. Having my own apartment is exciting. I’ll finally get to feel really at home. I can do anything I want (well… almost). I’ll get to do it whenever I want (well… almost). I think I’ll enjoy this while I can.

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