Saturday, 1 September 2018

'Once Upon a Time in Canada' Chapter 50.

You may be wondering what else I had been doing with my free time. Well… I spent a lot of time resting, watching movies, and doing any chores that needed to be done. You know, the usual stuff. Also, going to the CNE with Michael.

The CNE is the annual event that takes place at Exhibition Place. In case you’ve forgotten. The only problem was navigating through the massive crowd. But the day was nonetheless fun as it was last year. I had a rough but fun time during the entire day. It wasn’t exactly easy due to the heat, but I’m lucky I got to sit down indoors for half of the time. I didn’t expect that would be the case, given the amount of people wandering around.

Michael has a relatively chilled and "I don’t give a rat’s ass" attitude toward the whole thing, or anything for that matter. But between this and just staying at home doing chores. There’s was no question that I was going with the former. Things will be interesting while hanging out with Michael, but that’s expected with him whenever I, or anyone else, hangs out with him.

I do have one thing going for me. And on these kinds of occasions, it’s always a gift. For this kind of event, I definitely got some good photos. Between the time we arrived and the time we left, I got more than a hundred shots. The other hundred had to be deleted, as they proved well not good. Especially the ones that had too many people passing by the camera and blocking the subject. Ugh! Anyways, it was awesome.

Also, see Chapters 49 and 51.

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