Friday, 18 November 2016

U.S. Trip: San Francisco - Day 4 & 5.

After the sad departure of my friend Ellen, my fourth day saw myself touring around alone. The day consisted of me filling out the rest of my itinerary, which included visiting places that stoked the inner film geek in me. The first was none other than LucasFilm Ltd.

After LucasFilm, I made my way to the heart of indie filmmaking - American Zoetrope. Well that and its cafe in the heart of Little Italy. The cafe itself was a cinephile and a hipster's dream cafe. The customers there were hipsters and intellectuals. I got myself involved in a conversation about the art and writing of Neil Gaiman.

Then I made my way towards the Transamerica Pyramid. Which was only a three minute walk from American Zoetrope.

And not too far from Little Italy and Transamerica Pyramid was Chinatown. Thought JapanTown was impressive. Chinatown was a phenomenal place rich with Chinese culture even to the smallest detail. Going from Little Italy to Chinatown, it was as though I was stepping into two completely different worlds with very few steps. And there was no better worlds that I wanted than China and Italy with both cultural cuisines in short distance of each other, and, my God, there were a variety to choose from. 

My final destination for the day and my trip was none another than the War Memorial Opera House. For Apple devotees, this place holds a special place in their hearts as this was where Steve Jobs launched the NeXT Computer. It also neighbours next to Davies Symphony Hall, where Jobs unveiled the iMac. Both locations were used utilised in the 2015 biopic Steve Jobs. Across the street resides the San Francisco Town Hall.

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