Wednesday, 23 November 2016

U.S. Trip: Los Angeles - Day 4.

UCLA and USC were the destinations for Day four. I had the great fortune of visiting Los Angeles' top two universities. I hung out with my bother's friend, Addis, who gave me a tour of both campuses, which I am thankful for.

UCLA was the first to be explored since Addis is a UCLA student studying a P.H.D. in Chemical Engineering. But ironically, Addis had never been to the arts and academic areas of UCLA. He was only familiar with the Sciences area.

Once UCLA was done and dusted, USC was the next destination of the day. Like UCLA, USC's campus was impressive with 'we have a ton of money' written all over the buildings and walls. However, USC's campus was smaller and flat, as opposed to UCLA's campus which was larger and was built on hills and had vast amount of steps and stairs. But overall, both campuses were towns onto themselves and were definitely the kind of place where I would fit in and enjoy if I were a student.

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