Monday, 14 November 2016

U.S. Trip: San Francisco - Day 1.

I started off my time in San Francisco by not touring around the city itself. Rather I started off by venturing into the student city of Berkeley and its campus. I was accompanied by two ladies whom I met at the hostel was staying in, Ellen and Valentina. 

Ellen was from Holland, and was making her North American trip for the first time. So we pretty much become fast friends due to being on the same page in terms of travelling in the U.S. But I made my start in San Fran, where as she had already made way around the country, which included New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

Valentina, Chilean, was had been in San Fran for a little while. Interestingly, she had partly financed her trip and had managed to secure he hostel due to her job at a weed farm. Yes, she and most of the occupants at the hostel had jobs on weed farms and largely practiced smoking weed at the hostel. However, Valentina was a nice girl whom never gave the impression of having a job such as hers. She behaved as if she was a normal person with a totally normal job.

So if you are visiting the city and would to stay at a place where weed is encouraged enormously, then the appropriately titled Amsterdam Hostel is the place for you. If otherwise, I would advise looking for somewhere else.

So Ellen, Valentina and I spent the whole day roaming around the student city and its campus. The campus itself was a student's dream town. A hipster town with discounted student restaurants, bars and stores as far as the eye can see. The thought that ran through my mind was that I would enjoy the town if I were a student there. All three of us enjoyed the scenery that lay all around us.

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