Monday, 9 October 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 23.

I was particularly excited on Friday No more did I have to wait for the sequel to one of my favourite movies of all time – Blade Runner 2049. I’ll be going to the biggest screen tonight! Even if I have no job, and will have to sacrifice a really good meal. I can finally go see this movie, and I can walk to the cinema from my place. I don’t know if I mentioned before how much the original Blade Runner means to me as a filmmaker, but I LOVE that movie, and it’s such a major influence on me. I’ve watched it so many times that I’ve lost count. Of all of the movies I wished still had with me is Blade Runner. Though I no longer had access to my DVD collection back home, why should that get me down when I had a place like TIFF Bell Lightbox playing classic and modern films from all around the world. God, I wish Auckland had a place like that. Then I wouldn’t have stayed home all the time and would be less socially inept. At this point, it no longer mattered, and I didn’t care as I was going out more anyway.

Prior and during the movie, I couldn’t stop thinking "Oh my God" throughout the entire time. To drill it out of my head, I just had to focus immensely on the movie. Most people, I bet, probably were having the same thought in their heads as well. It was like that for most of the time. I mean we were just really excited for this movie because "it is probably the most anticipated movie of the year other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi." And oh man, was it. Absolutely it was.

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Today I write this entry having just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. The first thing I did when I got up in the morning was wave my arms while I was in bed. Felt good! I was in my apartment enjoying my morning like the bohemian that I am. I’ll thinking about where I should go to celebrate and how am I going to afford it, but that’s something to think about later on, as always.

After a few hours of relaxation, it was time to get out of the apartment. First, I spent many hours of the day going around the city with my camera taking shots of a life in a day. Naturally, after a couple of exhausting hours in the sun, I went back home to rest and have a nice lunch. Then I kind of napped and lounged around for a while. I wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing, but I had more to do.

After resting up, I went out again and headed towards Eaton Centre. There I hung out at Indigo, spending time reading film magazines and books that caught my eye. Then I went to the Apple store and purchased myself a new USB cable and a portable battery charger since my old USB cable’s rubber had ripped and started messing with the inner wiring, as well as the fact that the battery charger my mother had given me had stopped working entirely.

After that, I made my way back home again. Along the way back, I saw nothing but people either carrying big bags of groceries or people dressed in nice clothing going to high-end restaurants. Speaking of dinner, it was time that I’d get dinner to celebrate today. It then came to me, I would go and have dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant, and have myself a nice plate of Korean pork belly. Which I did, and I enjoyed it. How could I not? It’s only my favourite meal in the world. If there’s one food I wish I could eat all the time, it would be pork belly. As unhealthy as that sounds. It could actually kill me.

I decided to eat as much as I could, and I was served with two plates full, and I was happy as I could be. I walked back home afterwards to lose off the weight. I’ll have to continue job hunting tomorrow as usual. But in the moment, enjoy resting for the rest of the evening, and eventually enjoy a good night sleep. With the knowledge that when I wake, my morning will be spent in the toilet for some time.

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