Monday, 30 October 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 24.

On Wednesday night, Peter was back in town because he had business, as usual, that day. Once we both got our stuff out of the way. It was at Barque Smokehouse at Roncesvalles Avenue. Maybe a place in the GTA would have sufficed. Nonetheless, it was a nice place to enjoy a barbeque dinner.

We were set on having the Smoker’s Choice, which consisted a feature salad, smoked wings, twelve-hour brisket, BBQ chicken, pommery pulled pork, and baby back ribs, seasonal sides, and pastry chef’s daily dessert. The feast began with a dish of the dry rub smoked wings (weighing at 1 pound), followed by the Barque Caesar salad. The BBQ chicken and the four Oz pommery pulled pork then came after, which then preceded by the sweet heat baby back ribs. The twelve Oz twelve-hour brisket finally arrived before the feast concluded with Pecan Pie.

We both cleaned our plates by the end of the night, even if we were trying not to let our stomachs split open. Peter, who was kind enough to do so considering my current situation, paid for the whole meal. On the condition that the next time we meet up and if I have a job by then, I’ll get the next bill.

Today was all about hanging out with Porfy and Lucas. The three of us met up at Spadina. Once we met up at the rendezvous spot, we made our first stop at The Beguiling. It is one of the best comic book stores in town. Maybe one of the top five. Nonetheless, it was a great place for guys like us to hang out in. Porfy and I spent some time going through each shelf. Ultimately, Porfy ended up buying two graphic novels, Valerian & Laureline and Saga.

We then set off to get lunch, and settled on going to Ramen Isshin. The place serves authentic ramen. I figured that I try it out based on Porfy’s recommendation, and the fact that it served authentic ramen got me interested. We both cleaned our entire bowls by the end, even though they were hot and spicy. The ramen I had was a miso soup based bowl. But boy was it hot. I mean it was freezing cold outside, and I was wearing layers of clothes, but by the time we headed out the doors, I did not want to put on my thick coat back on. Then after a while I did eventually put it back on as the heat in my body finally subdued gradually as time went by.

On most days, the temperature would drop to somewhere between minus ten to minus thirty degrees, and when it goes down, there’s no way you can go outside without a coat period. I couldn’t just go outside without one, as well as a facemask, scarf, and gloves. So having these things is definitely helpful, duh. Well… that’s Canada. Over time, I’ll just have to get used to the freezing Canadian winters. The winter brings colder temperatures and less daylight. This all combines into a big "f*** you" to my entire body. Eventually, it takes more energy to keep warm than it does to keep cool. Once the sun goes down, the air gets too cold to be exposed to, especially if you’re a homeless person. It’s a cause for concern during this time of year. And I’m sure it’ll be the death of me if I’m not too careful.

The guys and I then caught the 506 streetcar. Then we walked down McCaul Street, and then to Elm Street. Being outside for some time was enough for us to head indoors. In this case; their place. Just being outside almost the whole time was torture. We got inside and started to play some games, Mortal Kombatin particular. Playing the game wasn’t too hard for, considering I’ve never really played a game in my life. Which kind of explains my gaming experience if you ever see me gaming. It’s pretty simple if you know which buttons to press and when. The guys made sure of this, and that I was having fun at the same time. I pressed the buttons when I needed to. I kept my eyes on my character and the screen, and sure enough… I was dying. I can stress this fact enough; I suck at video games. But I knew that already. Compared to what I imagined in my mind, I have to say that it could have been worse. I managed to score a couple of points. It only took me thirty minutes to call time out, then Lucas took over and when at it for about an hour. Then there was the conversation on comic books to animation that took place for the next two hours. We then had to call it a day, and I made my way back home.

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