Sunday, 25 January 2015

Disney Diary - Week 2.

Already time has passed onto the second week of my Disney internship. Although this week was slow, there were interesting and wonderful aspects that I will detail in this entry such as movie culture in the U.S. and the wonderful world of Downtown Disney. Here in the photos below, you can see what I had seen with my own eyes.

I'll first begin with my tour of Downtown Disney. As part of our mandatory training process, on our first day all the employees working here were shown a 'huge' tour of the area. And it was... magnificent. Perhaps I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Planet Hollywood.

AMC Theatre (the Dine-In Theatre).


The Downtown Disney West Side Ballon.

The Starbucks Cafe.

D Street.

The United World of Soccer Store, now it is the Superhero Headquarters Store.

Candy Cauldron, Goofy's pseudo-rival.

Bongos: Cuban Cafe.

The Wolfgang Puck and Wolfgang Puck Express.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

AMC Movie Theatre (the regular side).

Rainforest Cafe.

Disney's Days of Christmas Store.

The Art of Disney Store.

Disney's Pin Traders Store.

Once Upon a Toy Store.

The World of Disney Store.

The Lego Store.

Yes, that is a giant lego piece in the water. Amazing isn't it?

T-Rex Restaurant and Store.

Fulton's Crab House.

Now, we're onto a special place in Downtown Disney, this is the place where I will be working during my internship - Goofy's Candy Co. (the largest confectionary shop in all of Walt Disney World). Four times larger than Candy Cauldron and quadruple the amount of candy and treats for all boys and girls. It's as though I am in a candy store (literally). I couldn't be any happier and excited. In the following photos, you'll see the inside of Goofy's Candy Co.

Lastly, I would to show you all one of the best cinema complexes in the area. Since I am a movie buff I just couldn't resist mentioning this part of the area. Here is AMC movie theatre; one of the largest cinema chains in the U.S. Inside on this side of the complex is the Dine-In theatre where moviegoers can watch any movies playing with fabulous meals being served to them during the movie. I had the opportunity to take advantage of this when I saw my first film in the U.S. - American Sniper (2014). On the other side is the regular side where audiences watch movies with regular treats such as popcorn, drinks, ice cream, hot dogs, etc. These photos were taken on the day I first entered into the theatre and watched American Sniper.

The interior of the AMC Dine-In Theatre.

The Dine-In Theatre menu.

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