Monday, 19 January 2015

Disney Diary - Week 1.

Today, Orlando is one of the prosperous cities in the United States. Being the 77th largest City in the nation, Orlando is boasted as the "City of Beautiful". Thanks to it’s main export of theme parks such as Universal Studios, Harry Potter, Sea World and, of course, Walt Disney World - "the most magical place on Earth" and the home of Mickey Mouse and everything Disney. It is here, in this world renowned attraction, that I am participating in the Disney International Programs and living in this exotic land.

Week by week, I will document my experiences of my stay here. Whilst I work at Walt Disney World. However, before I can begin to tell my story of Orlando, I must first start with my story in Los Angeles. For one, I’ve longed to go to LA to either visit or to live and work. Secondly, I had to because my flight had to stop over and change flights.

Los Angeles – also known as "The City of Angels". It is boasted as the second largest city in the United States after New York. During my long journey to Orlando, I had to stop over in the famous Californian city. When I arrived at LAX, I felt as though that I was no longer in Kansas. During my six hour stop, I, thanks to the help and support of a family friend, was able to do a basic tour of LA. The city's population is 50% Latin American, but it has also has the largest Korean population outside of South Korea. Beginning with Universal Studios then culminating in Los Angeles City Hall. It can be seen all here in my photos.

The Hard Rock Cafe (Right).

AMC Movie Theatres.

The Universal Studios Gift Shop


Dodgers Clubhouse

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre

The Snow White Cafe

The Disney Ghiradelli (left) and El Capitan Theatre (right).

The Dolby Theatre.

The TCL Theatre.

The Hollywood Sign.

The Griffith Observatory.

James Dean's bust.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The Los Angeles Superior Court.

In the distance, the Los Angeles Town Hall.

After my wonderful stop, it was unfortunately time to go off to my final destination. When I arrived, it was almost a surreal experience. On one hand, it was impossible that I was in Orlando and that I am a intern in Disney. On the other hand, I was finally here and was on a shuttle with my fellow interns headed towards our apartments in the Disney complex. Over the course of the week, I got to live the American lifestyle by shopping at WalMart and eat at AppleBees. In addition to experiencing the Disney lifestyle by going down to Downtown Disney and going to Disney University. Rather than elaborate in tedious detail about my first week, here are the photos of my first week in Orlando.

Disney University.

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