Sunday, 12 November 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 26.

Today was another day with the boys. West End Comics was today’s destination because both Porfy and Lucas want to show all the best comic book stores in town. Once we got Silver Snail and The Beguiling out of the way, we then embarked to visit West End. It is another great comic book store, according to them. Maybe they’re right. The store couldn’t have been less interesting.

I was like a kid in the candy store, like with the other stores, and it spoke to the inner geek inside me. The store may have looked shabby on the outside, but, on the contrary, it was anything but inside. I was surprised when I saw what was in store: comic books, both vintage and brand new, as well as action figures of comic book, film, television, manga, and anime, and other collectables such as belt buckles, pins, and trading cards.

I smiled throughout the entire time we were in the store, and then we talked with excitement when we encountered a comic book or graphic novel we liked. The store had a bunch of stuff that caught our eye. But some issues or series were little bit pricier than we thought, not in the best condition, and had some issues, volumes, and books missing. We, however, didn’t mind all that much, and pretty much accepted everything face value.

Then it was time to head off for lunch. We got what we wanted and headed out the door. On this day and point on time, the first thing we did was to head out to the nearest restaurant and have a decent meal that would fill up our hungry stomachs. This place was Tibet Kitchen. It’s a Tibetan restaurant that serves delicious and authentic Tibetan cuisine. Their menu consisted of Sha Phaley, Khapse, Laping, Momo, Thenthuk, and other Sichuan-style Han Chinese dishes. It’s quite exotic and not quite what I was expecting to have, but hey. It’s food, and I was hungry.

During the course of the meal, which consisted of Special Fried Rice, Khampa Phaksha, and Chicken Manchurian, the guys and I talked about taking trips to comic book stores in Hamilton, Mississauga, Vaughn, and Richmond Hill. Once the meal was over, the guys and I headed down to the 501 bus stop to make our way home. That’s today’s story. And I’m sure, and hoping, there will be more nerdy adventures of Porfy, Lucas, and Simon to come.

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