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Concert Review: "Hans Zimmer Revealed" (2017).

"Confession time!!! The mere idea of playing a Live Tour terrifies me beyond belief... A number of people used to ask me why I had never done a full tour - and the honest truth was because of stage fright. As I look out from the stage at everybody, I still fell like I am standing stark naked under a spotlight, on the very coldest night of the year... I am vulnerable. I am petrified... but you cannot have fear rule your life, or indeed dictate or prevent your actions. Just like anyone else I have to shake it off, look you in the eyes, and get on with it." Mr. Zimmer has certainly done that and beyond with his spectacular Hans Zimmer Revealed (2017) concert. I was honoured to attend the concert and meet Mr. Zimmer himself. I also got to take a photo with the legend and get a concert programme personally signed by him.

Every aspect of the event was worth every penny and second as it packed more than enough entertainment value to live up to its ambition. Out of all the concerts I have attended, Mr. Zimmer and his incredible ensemble have given me the greatest concert experience I have ever witnessed. It is the greatest film concert ever witnessed – and maybe the best film concert, period. It was pure film nirvana. The concert was a masterful one, one that will appeal to both movie lovers and new fans alike. It's obvious, but the concert gives us Hans Zimmer in a fresh way. The concert reinvigorates an unappreciated genre with an extraordinary touch.

For the concert, Mr. Zimmer remarked: "Music has the power to move people, to affect them in a way that is visceral. It can transcend politics, bring cultures together, and inspire people to learn and take action. If my musical scores can contribute in some way to effecting change, I will have accomplished an important personal goal." As well as "I want everything I do to be about love. We live in a day of instant communication. I get to see and read from people whose hearts I touch through music - and that is my greatest joy." This concert does indeed delivers a close-up of Mr. Zimmer and his ensemble doing something they clearly love. Mr. Zimmer and his ensemble are the kind of band that prove even an average performance by them isn't boring. "Creating breakthrough music is about collaboration. It's about hearing others and developing a sound that tells tells the story of many and expresses the emotions of each one of us." Each of Mr. Zimmer's ensemble has done exactly that. Each brought their unique sounds to the show. Which includes the talents of Nick Glennie-Smith, Yolanda Charles, Aicha Djidelli, Pedro Eustache, Guthrie Govan, Tina Guo, Gary Kettel, Lebo M, Holly Madge, Nile Marr, Steve Mazzaro, Andy Page, Andy Pask, Satnam Singh Ramgotra, Refi, Molly Rogers, Czarina Russell, Nathan Stornetta and Leah Zeger. Mr. Zimmer commented that "Not all films we score are recorded with full orchestras; often, as in the case of 12 Years a Slave, the music involves an intimate group of musicians in a small room creating the score in an organic, natural way..." And boy was I able to sense the natural camaraderie amongst all of them. Each may have blown us away with their amazing solos, but their power could not be matched when they played together.

Mr. Zimmer's musical highlights - Driving Miss DaisyCrimson TideGladiatorThe Da Vinci CodeThe Lion KingTrue RomanceRain ManThelma and LouiseMan of SteelThe Thin Red LineThe Dark KnightInterstellar and Inception - still astound. Everyone in the auditorium and I knew that this was going to be an experience that we will never forget and cherish for the rest of our lives. Throughout the entire performance, the audience and I were constantly cheering and yelling "Yeah!", "Oh my God!" and "Awesome!" There was a dazzling array of talent on display here, and the event surely has its memorable moments. This was truly an event where people from all over Auckland from different ethic and social backgrounds were brought together by music. In addition, I banged my head and tapped my foot throughout the performance to my favourite pieces. I was overwhelmed beyond imagination by the sheer power of Mr. Zimmer and his ensemble. Some people may complain about the ear-deafening noise, but in the words of Sir Ridley Scott: "I don't really like music quiet, I don't like it when people say: You shouldn't hear the music in a movie, that's total bullshit." 

The concert is our best insight to a legendary giant who has given us some of the greatest contribution to cinema. This labour of love, one of the most awe-inspiring performances, presents and continues to preserve the immense body of work that prevails in the pop culture zeitgeist for the past few decades and will continue to do so for many years to come. Mr. Zimmer said: "Movies' genres have become clichés; they are either action, drama, or comedy. You don't frequently see movies that are provocative. I think films that force the audience to experience something new are the most important. The music helps push those limits." And as I said to Mr. Zimmer, it was an honour to meet him and thanked him for the performance and his contribution to cinema. Finally, note to self: Definitely need to go to more film concerts.

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