Monday, 14 September 2015

"The Moment of Truth" Press Conference (11/09/2014).

Political turmoil and debates have been the staple, and the thorn, in our society since the beginning our modern human history. Recently, New Zealand has been going its own turmoil with the New Zealand Flag Referendum looming on our horizons. With John Key 'shoving' this controversial issue down our throats, we as a nation have become embittered and divided as a result.

However, this will not be the story told today. Todays story dates back to exactly a year foretelling another issue, one on a much more global and controversial scale. This is the story of a major press conference that tried to warn us about the dangers and the dark side of our political landscape. With major contributors including the Internet Party's leader Laila Harre, founder Kim Dotcom, American author, journalist and lawyer Glenn Greenwald and Canadian International lawyer Robert Amsterdam. With special guest whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

Together this extraordinary group of individuals, of different backgrounds, came together to unite for a common political cause that would shed light and expose John Key's political image and reveal all his dirty little secrets. This was to be known as The Moment of Truth.

The conference itself took place in Auckland Town Hall. And yes, there was an abundance of people attending, and security was 'tight'.

The four key contributors themselves, Harre, Amsterdam, Greenwald and Dotcom.

Edward Snowden. Known to some as a global hero, and to some as the greatest traitor in U.S. history. 

Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks.

The "Five Eyes", five nations (The United Kingdom, Canada, The United States, Australia and New Zealand) under one roof that supports global surveillance.

With the photos examining the event and the secrets it has revealed, it has undoubtedly left a shocking response amongst us and will serve as one of the many bitter reminders of what our government does behind our backs.

Now the Flag Referendum looming and getting us to vote what such a ridiculous cause, and the catastrophic economical slum we are in, we must ask a very important question... have we had enough?

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