Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Disney Diary - Week 19

Week 19 has been a slow and yet unfortunate week for me. During this time, my roommates of 1005, with the exception of one, have all moved out due to the fact that their program had sadly come to a close. To add even more sadness to this event, a few days before this program was to end, my roommate Shane got termed ("fired") due to his record card having so many points. He was forced by housing to move out in an hour or otherwise security was to be called and have him kicked out to the curb. Literally! During this time, I got to have all of Apartment 1005 all to myself and with other roommate Harley.

Alas, this was short lived. Without any warning, I was informed by Housing that I am to be kicked out of my apartment. Because I was falsely accused of acts I didn't even commit. And who was the one who accused me of this? It was none other than my roommate, Harley. He accused me of touching and eating his food, touching his clothes and trying to steal his girlfriend. As well as making her and her friends feel uncomfortable whenever they came over. For the first time in my life, I have never felt so betrayed and 'back-stabbed' by my own roommate whom I trusted and graciously bought tickets for him and his girlfriend for Mad Max: Fury Road, from the generosity of my heart.

So in the mist of my depression and confusion, Housing gave a strike for this and decided to take my accuser's side of the story without hearing my side. They labeled me as a degenerate and forced me to move out of my apartment in 30 minutes. In addition, they made me wait for 4 hours to tell me where my next apartment is. Finally, I received a phone call from Disney Housing. I was to move to Apartment 4006. Having a strong knowledge of the complex, this was not a good sign. Building 40 was the last building in the back. This meant that the bus stop, the Front Desk and the Learning Center were all further away. Here are some photos of the apartment:

The living room.

The kitchen.

Mine and Alejandro's room.

The bathroom.

When I got there, I was fortunate to have my new roommates to help me move in. My new roommates consisted of two Mexicans, one Puerto Rican, one Brazilian and one Canadian. It was their first day in Disney. They just moved in an hour or two before I did. On the first day, we got to genuinely know each other and I knew that the time I had with these guys was going to be fine. And that we weren't going to have any problems at all. Here are some tidbits about my roommates; the two Mexicans are Franco Gonzalez and Jose Lopez. Franco is a Media major from Colegio Antonio Repiso in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. Jose is a Visual Arts major at Universidad Iberoamericana León. The Puerto Rican is Alejandro Padilla, a Hospitality and Management major from Universidad Anáhuac Cancún. The Brazilian is Marcos Carrilho from Goiânia. His major is unknown. He was the quiet and "keep to himself" type. I hardly saw him around. Lastly, the Canadian is David Miliken. A Sociology and Film major from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. And there you have it, my new friends and life in 4006.

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