Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Disney Diary - Week 7

I apologize for the long vacant silence from myself; Weeks 7 had been very busy indeed. As Spring Break has commenced now I am in for a world of pain and hectic hours for work at Goofy's Candy Co. The amount of visitors passing by through my workplace is slowly growing by the dozen. The immediate sense I'm getting is "I ain’t seen nothing yet".

For Week 7, I saw another cast member go. Carolina Crelier, another Brazilian employee at Goofy's had left us on Friday 27th February. Wednesday 25th was her last day at work, and we all celebrated by taking her out to a dinner party at Applebee’s. Fellow cast members Danielle Tracy, Jennifer Nguyen, Jessica Schow and Kristen Jones came along for the party at 2am in the morning of Thursday after we had got off of work at 1am. Like the two Brazilian cast members that had come before her, she was as fun, interesting and unique, and will be missed by us very much. Have a safe trip home, Carol.

So far, I must say, after having two dinner parties late at night with the same group of girls, I must confess that they are unlike any other girls I have encountered. The women back home are neither as approachable nor as open towards myself as these girls. It seems as though my brother's words of wisdom may be true - American women are different.

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