Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Disney Diary - Week 4.

Week Four came and went my readers and unfortunately to say that nothing much happened other than spending a couple of very late nights with my fellow co-workers and spending quality time with them. Having dinner parties and other things that I never did in my life back home. In case you are very curious of who these people are, I would like to make a shout-out to Anna Farmer, Carolina Crelier, Daniela Georg, Danielle Tracy, David Castro, Jessica Schow, Juliana Bordin, Kristen Jones and Tierney Plasecia. I apologize if I have not mentioned everybody. But I do like to say that one day I will thank you privately for your hospitality and friendship during my internship here.

Even though I had fun times with these unique characters, sadly two will be missed during my days here and will be missed by the rest of us. That goes to Daniela and Juliana whom left on Friday 7th due to the fact their internship only lasted for ten months and it was up very fast. They will be sadly missed and I had the pleasure of knowing them in a short period of time and they were the loveliest Brazilians I have ever met. Have a safe journey back home.

As I mentioned in my last diary entry that I spent my first late night with my new friends at the International House of Pancakes. This week, however, we went to the famous Denny's and Applebee’s. And they were extraordinary to a young Kiwi's eyes. Sadly I have no photos this time to show what these places look like, both outside and inside. As well as the meals they serve.

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