Tuesday, 11 July 2017

'A Tree in Water: My Journey From Aotearoa to The Great White North' Chapter 6.

One complication hit me so hard today: an apartment. Turns out getting an apartment is a task easier said than done. My experience of obtaining an apartment was only limited to getting my various apartments during my internship at Disney. And let’s not forget to mention that I’ve lived with my family for most of my life, so I never worried about getting my own place. Fortunately, I have a real estate agent’s number, given to me courtesy of the Mins. Exactly what I needed. To have his number made the daunting task of finding an apartment that will accommodate me for a year or so much easier. My plan was to have a place of my own by the time I found a job. The real estate agent came highly recommended and had an excellent reputation. So with that in mind, I was willing to dedicate some time to finding a place within the downtown area. The kind of place that was in close proximity of my potential workplace, that cost around $1500 per month for rent and that was furnished (so that I wouldn’t have to waste time and money for furniture).

I was excited when the real estate agent finally found me a place. It was a nice place that was located close to the Entertainment District. So when TIFF hit, I could just walk there, as it was only a 15-30 min walk. The rent was $1500 per month, not bad for a relatively new building located near the Entertainment District. The only reservation I had was that it was not a furnished apartment. Then things quickly went south, after I had signed, agreed and confirmed to the apartment, my parents (whom I had informed) quickly got cold feet in the last minute and insisted that I hold off on apartment hunting and remain at the bnb until I’ve found and settled into a job. I have never been so stressed and humiliated after that. I don’t know what the real estate agent and the Mins think of me after that embarrassment. I had to make it up to them by giving them a formal apology and find a job before the Mins return from Korea. I got my priorities and strategy sorted out. Now all I had to do was put my mind to it and pull it off in time. So I have essentially two weeks to a month to find a job. Shit.

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