Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Velocity Launch: Aeronavics.

This evening saw the launch of a Velocity seminar at the Owen G. Glenn building at the University of Auckland, and the guest tonight was Linda Bulk of Aernonavics.

As one of the world's first companies active in this space Aeronavics have developed a solid foundation not only to produce high quality systems and offer ongoing support, but also to help you apply the technology to your specific needs and environment.

Already proving to be 'the next big thing' - comparable to the personal computer some 37 years ago - this is not without good cause. There are countless applications in a wide array of industry areas to save time and money, improve safety and widely expand creative perspectives and potential. These systems are easy to use, affordable, clean, quiet and environmentally friendly - Aerial Robotics is an enabling technology with huge potential and future expansion.

From Hollywood blockbusters to wedding photography - aerial robotics is changing the way video and images are captured. Surreal sweeping shots, a true birds-eye view... Wildlife documentaries, commercials, news reports, advertisements and live broadcasts of sporting events are all enhanced by the new perspectives their systems offer. World renowned for advanced vibration dampening, payload capacity, transportability and durability, their systems have been the preferred choice for industry professionals for several years; and they also cater for entry level solutions for your first introduction to this technology.

Easy to deploy, operate and retrieve, these systems are an essential resource to increase situational awareness, assess damage from natural disasters, search for missing bush-walkers, find hot spots in forest fires, sample air for pollution, map environments, inspect infrastructure, secure borders, report accidents and monitor environmental change. Infrared, Thermal Imaging cameras and various other equipment such as 3D LIDAR expand the functional value of these craft; the potential is limitless and they are ever expanding the scope of possibility.

Cost effective, time saving and reducing risk to human lives - industrial applications are increasing for this technology and they are developing specialised craft for these; an ideal tool for mapping, planning and progress monitoring. Property developers can provide views from the 3rd, 4th, 10th floor of a building that doesn't even exist yet; damage to property and the environment can be swiftly and accurately assessed after natural disasters; architects can create instant 3D images and imprints of subject areas and structures; mining companies can gather volumetric data with ease; surveyors and construction companies can 3D map a large surface in minutes; a power company can inspect lines and transformers and carry leader lines across gulley's and ravines... and this list of applications grows daily.

Scan your property with a birds-eye view to inspect infrastructure and stock gathering crucial information for planning the day's activities. Remove the safety hazard of monitoring and mustering in rough terrain, save fuel, machinery costs and time simultaneously. Count stock instantly, accurately and remotely, recognise animals in distress. A number of agri-specific sensors are being developed for Precision Agriculture to monitor crop health, growth, irrigation, forecast yields, detect diseases at an early stage and systems are even used to scare birds. Precision Spraying is under development for quick and precise crop and weed spraying with greater safety for operator and environment. Forestry and fisheries are also opening to new possibilities that enable greater productivity, spotting fish schools from air example.

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