Sunday, 23 February 2014

Film Review: "I, Frankenstein" (2014).

"I am like no other."
Unfortunately, this is not the case with I, Frankenstein. This fantasy horror thriller action film written and directed by Stuart Beattie, based on the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux. The movie follows Frankenstein's creature as he finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

Kevin Grevioux of Underworld sold the original screenplay to Lakeshore Entertainment in 2010. Lakeshore, an independent Los Angeles production company which also produced the Underworld films, brought Stuart Beattie on board to re-write and direct in early 2011. In November 2011, it was confirmed that filming would take place in Melbourne and that Australia's Hopscotch Features would co-produce the film with Lakeshore. It was announced in October 2011 that Aaron Eckhart would play the lead role. Eckhart described his character thus: "Frankenstein is an intelligent, evolved man, and that’s how he is portrayed in this movie, for sure." In November 2011, Yvonne Strahovski was cast as the female lead, a scientist working to reanimate the dead, while Miranda Otto was cast as the queen of the gargoyles. Bill Nighy plays the film's villain, whom he described as a "Nasty piece of work; one of the angels descended with Satan." Eckhart and Otto trained for three months with martial arts experts Ron Balicki and Diana Lee Inosanto in the Filipino martial art of Kali for their fight scenes. Principal photography began in February 2012, based at Docklands Studios Melbourne. Filming took place in Victoria, Australia over a period of ten weeks, with multiple scenes being filmed at Ormond College. Orginally set be released on February 22, 2013. The film was pushed back to September 13, 2013, only to be shuffled once again to January 24, 2014.

The movie stars Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto and Jai Courtney. Overall, the performances given by the cast were some of the worst performances ever given by a promising cast. Eckhart, especially, who showed so much promise in The Dark Knight has since skewed into career of misfires that have resulted now in one of the worst iterations of the famous monster. What... a... shame.

I, Frankenstein is a relentlessly unpleasant fantasy epic. It's a hybrid horror and action film that succeeds as neither. It fails to deliver with anything truly tasty or memorable. This is a movie so paltry in its characters and shallow in its story that the war seems to exist primarily to provide graphic visuals. Stylish and cruel, and mightily entertaining for certain covens out there. By any reasonable standard, this dark fantasy epic — all massive overacting, cologne-commercial design and CGI infested monsters — sucks. The film could use more plot and deepened characters and less vapid expository dialogue, flashbacks and ballets of bullets. This mostly mediocre movie is a painless enough time-waster, thanks to slick production values and some impressive stunt work, but it never lives up to the potential of its premise.

Simon says I, Frankenstein receives:

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